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English Summary

The electric utility industry is at the brink of the most far-reaching disruptions since the industry emerged and formed the incumbent electric utility business models. As other sectors recently have shown, industry wide disruptions can decimate, or bypass, entire portions of an industry to ruin old sources of income, but also offer windows of unprecedented new opportunities for new ventures. The incumbents’ challenge lies in figuring out how to best use a century of experience and heavy resource accumulation to capture these opportunities and transform their business models to fit with the next industry order. To this end, a number of entities are in collaboration to tackle this challenge: Linde Energi, Jämtkraft, Karlskoga Energi & Miljö, Kumbro Utveckling, and Örebro University. The project is granted by the Knowledge Foundation.

The research aim of the project is to map future scenarios for a disruptive industry, and to explore the course of experimental endeavors to transform incumbent actors’ business models to fit in relation to the expected future nature of the industry. The research question asks: “How would incumbent actors need to transform their business models to fit with a new industrial order?”

Contact information
Johan Kask, project manager
johan.kask@oru.se; +46 19 303 858